A creation by Teatro delle Radici

Licia amodeo, Daniele Bernardi, Loris Ciresa, Anita Faconti, Camilla Parini, Sturmius Wittscheir

set disegn
Teatro del Radici
Martina Tritten

assistance direction
Bruna Gusberti

dramaturgy and direction
Cristina Castrillo

“ And what will be of all this tangle of affection, of this fury?”
                                                                                            Angelo M. Ripellino

Speaking of love without saying a word.
That nature of love that love itself turns into an abyss or that shape of love which feeling enlightens. That irony which can laugh at itself and that incongruity which turns love into a never-solved rage.
Digging into the mystery of relationships and feelings, the performance unravels, incongruent and ironic, melancholic and mocking, through wrongly placed and scattered pieces of so many lost caresses.