30° International laboratory
"The masters"
training and research meeting 
August 18th - September 2nd 2018

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The fundamental inescapable element of Cristina Castrillo's theatrical work is "memory"; not only with a reference to what one remembers or thinks he remembers, but rather as that particular, often imperceptible, network of cues through which an emotion appears or a reaction directs movement. "Memory" is not perceived as a reproduction of "facts", but as an uncharted personal geography with which we manifest ourselves, we materialize, we portray and we transmit.

The project of the INTERNATIONAL THEATRE LAB SCHOOL was born as a logical consequence of the methodological development that distinguishes Cristina Castrillo's research, and that of the "Teatro delle Radici". Initially defined as a place of training and exchanging among actors of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, the school proved itself a profitable study ground of the many aspects of acting: the techniques for developing physical presence on stage, the study and function of the emotional world, the importance of having or not having a written script and the individualisation of a personal expressive language, the questions pertaining to form and theatrical contents, and the ethical uncertainties of the profession.

One or two sessions have been organized every year since 1990. Actors from Argentina, Austria, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Spain, Switzerland, Uruguay and USA have shown, by their presence and their keen interest, the need to maintain such a service.