30° International laboratory
"The masters"
training and research meeting 
August 18th - September 2nd 2018


Our Laboratory celebrates its 30th birthday. A long journey characterized by fatigue, difficulties, discoveries, emotions. The hidden need for an encounter, sweat and patience. The certainty that everyone has something to say and express. The faces that wait for an answer, when perhaps, the only thing that we have to offer is the umpteenth question. These are some of the images that our Laboratory carries with it. And reaching this goal, the theme could not be other than the masters, those who have donated us even if only a small fragment of themselves that then, carefully, each of us has interpreted and rewritten on their own skin.
From enlightening words to those filled with insidiousness, from the mystery of a trade and a life to the smallest particle of a gesture, from confusion to achievements; this; the difficult art of giving and receiving, the enigma of knowing or not knowing, the beauty of discovery.


Besides the daily work on physical training and expansion of the introspective world that are at the bases of the creative technique of Teatro delle Radici, the focus of this laboratory will be on the construction of exercises and proposals that have as reference those aspects that have marked the personal learning, not only referred to the theatrical training. Those moments in which we have clearly perceived that something was revealed to us.


The participants will be present throughout the whole established period.
Arrival day: Saturday 18 (before 17:00) / Departure day: Sunday 2 (before 12.00).
As usual, the workshop foresees, besides the pedagogical approach directed by Cristina Castrillo, the presence of special guests as well as  working presentations, performances and interventions on the topic.


  • the cost of the full laboratory is CH fr.1.000.-
  • the price includes accommodation, but not food (the accommodation has kitchen facilities).
  • for those who do not need accommodation, the cost is CH fr. 850.-

  • together with your application you are requested to send e-mail to:

e-mail to info@teatrdelleradici.net

with the following information:
name and surname/date of birth/ postal address/ telephone number/ e-mail address/ passport number/ nationality/ a brief summary of your activities

an initial payment of CH fr.450. to our account:

Teatro delle Radici- N° 247- 419.338.01N- UBS (Unione di Banche Svizzere)- Lugano

alternative information for payment:
IBAN:  CH42 0024 7247 4193 3801N

  • your application form will not be considered valid without the initial payment
  • the balance will be paid in Swiss francs on your arrival

application deadline in 15th July 2018