A creation of the Teatro delle Radici

Based on an idea by
Bruna Gusberti

Camilla Parini and Bruna Gusberti
stage props                  
Luca Minotti
Loris Ciresa
technical assistence      
Anita Faconti

text and supervision     
Cristina Castrillo

On a summer’s night of reassuring ordinariness nothing would seem to disturb the time, but all of a sudden it snows.
This unexpected phenomenon marks the beginning of missing questions and acts, a transfigured present and an impotent future.
Two women wrap themselves in youth and old age, in paralysis and movement, in loss and redemption.

As in an implacable mirror, to be shattered as one breaks the ice, each one seeks to melt the cold and the silence of the snow, when it is silent.