Dance of the benches

Giorgia D’Agostino,
Monica Muraca,
Massimo Palo,
Paola Raho,
Fulvia Romeo,
Carlo Verre,
Valentina Volpatto,
Sturmius Wittschier.

set design
Teatro delle Radici / Massimo Palo

responsible for the project
Fulvia Romeo,
Giorgia D’Agostino,
Paola Raho

Bruna Gusberti

Cristina Castrillo

This show forsees the use of park-benches. It is an itinerant performance where the public can find the time to stop and observe what is happening around them: a tale, a story, an act without words, a song, the melody of an instrument.
The bench as a place of rest, sometimes of solitude, reflection, or of play.
The search for a moment when two people can communicate or simply listen in a different way.
“Dance of the benches” is part of the attempt to delve deeper into the realms of para-theatrical communication: those simple moments when theatricality adheres to life.