“There are borders, between kindness and violence, between tenderness and pain, borders where one can lose oneself without  distinguishing  one from the other . Cristina Castrillo has wandered around these places to present  humiliation, solitude suffering, for the world day against  violence on women (…) It is necessary to stay silent when this happens, and this, perhaps, is the heaviest burden to bear.”

Corriere del Ticino - Svizzera

“ With Petals, Cristina Castrillo has made a courageous and conscious choice by using certain stereotypes simply to exile them from the expressive value of her theatre, allowing us to enter her true  poetic representative dimension (...) the collected voices, the sounds, her talented actresses have taken us away from a simple rhetoric of submission,  psychological violence and suffering, opening us  to the awareness of a rebellious icon as a mannequin which unmasks to become human.”

“Settimanale Azione – Svizzera

“Powerful and delicate, as Cristina Castrillo’s creations always are, Petals develops with many gestures, physicality and few, essential, incisive words(…)Movements are slow and sometimes repetitive, a finger returns to the lips again and again, because at the centre there is silence, a phone ringing uselessly, made up lips but also bound, masked faces which have to renounce their authentic identity (…) petals and knives in  solitude without escape.”

Giornale del Popolo – Svizzera