Ideal size: 8m wide / 8m deep / 4m high (26 ft/26 ft/13 ft)
Minimum size: 6m wide / 6m deep / 3m high (20 ft/20ft/10ft)
Black background. Good visibility for spectators (preferably elevated seating)

12 spots (650 or 1'000 W). Control console with 9 independent channels.
Some objects (not very heavy) will be hung from the ceiling
CD player. Good quality sound

Props to be found on location
Wire netting (similar to that used in poultry pens): 98 cm x 1,65m/ 38” x 64”; a see-through rectangular container (like a fish tank) minimum size: 30cm wide / 60cm long / 35cm high (12” wide x 24” long x 14” high)

1 lighting and sound technician present during fitting
6 hours to set up / 2 hours to take down

Duration of performance
60 minutes


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