looking south

“I could tell you, all things considered, that tragedy is soothing. There’s nothing to look for beyond it. Yet, if for a moment you observe a single fragment of the next cut, you will know that this is not a weapon, but rather the reflection of a living wound.
Hope… a struggling pain.”

A play by Teatro delle Radici

Licia Amodeo, Rosangela Manzo, Ornella Maspoli, Damian Soriano, Aurora Taminelli, Fortunato Tripodo, Carlo Verre

Instruments/ Voice
Fulvio Cama
Bernardo Rey
Settima Bonelli, Silavana Carroccio, Daniela La Cava, Iride Rizzi
Assistant director
Bruna Gusberti

Author and Director
Cristina Castrillo

Like an upside down photo album, where pictures from the past intermingle with those of the present, the plot unfolds as if the characters were all members of one large family. The importance of a table set for a feast, frenzy and oblivion, the idea of life as an unending and fleeting feast, violence always two steps away, rules and religiosity always tending towards magic, sound and silence, musicality as the only breathable air, and above all an old story, a story never told, says that in actual fact, we all derive from “a flower and a knife”. That is the unreasonable feeling that kills by loving and strikes by stroking.