appunti di viaggio 1

“Everyone is born in this world in a place or in an other, in a time or in the other, to spread out in the conditions of its time and its place, the autonomy of its nature.”
Joseph Campbell

created and played by
Cristina Castrillo

Ledwina Costantini
Bruna Gusberti

“Umbral” is the first part of a project called “Travel’s note”. A proposal which encloses the need to reflect around a creative path, that, as each important travel include not just a map of a way, but also the images, the meeting, the uncertainties, the blind-alley of a long journey.
“Umbral” is the phisical , verbal and emotional narrative of the steps that,in several years of investigation, have determinated a way to conceive the theatrical creation and the work of the actor.