Andrea Fardella, Silvia Genta, Federica Lenzi, Esther Pallejà Lozano, Irene Zucchinelli

Stage design
Teatro delle Radici
Eugenia Gusmerini, Massimo Palo, Ledwina Costantini
Teatro delle Radici
Assistant director
Bruna Gusberti

Written and directed by
Cristina Castrillo

“Remains” was born from a clear initial drive: to investigate, discover and theatrically mould sounds, our voice, musicality and song. Significant time was invested in understanding and perceiving the complex relationships between a body and its sonorities, between our musicality and our personal internal journeys. During this very long period of time we started to desire-and dare- that nothing else, other than these sonorities, could be the driving force behind the construction of the play. ** Even words were considered as a score of unknown sounds or a new language. Music and sound, transformed into song and melody, carried us into far away journeys: into stories of encounters and loss, steps and shadows destroyed and found, bizarre figures and ancient characters. A poem of hurt and innocence. Like a torn score, this play is a balancing act between our always present necessity to elaborate different ways of dramatic communication and the drive to ponder, through our trade, the frail steps of a wayward humanity.